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Process mapping, information architecture design, internet centric software development are some of the key service areas that Sylph offers to the manufacturing industry. In our experience most manufacturing businesses are family owned and are software driven to an extent but software has been implemented in a piece meal fashion and that too almost half a decade ago. The need is for a software driven enterprise; however software that is easy to use and implement. We believe that software should increase efficiency while simplifying the working process - most off the shelf products available require that the organization adapt themselves to the software design; Sylph's solutions are molded around existing working styles of the organization and hence are easy and quicker to implement across the enterprise.
These solutions are designed and deployed in a modular and scalable fashion, with the flexibility to re-configure existing applications and integrate new applications in a cost-effective manner. Our approach leads to standardization of processes within the enterprise resulting in rapid deployment, shorter payback periods, and proven benefits to our clients.
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