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Digital Media
With the digitization of various forms of media and entertainment, content producers and distributors face new challenges and the vast opportunities created by multi-channel distribution. Media and entertainment companies are now able to explore new strategies for generating new streams of revenues from media assets by distributing and marketing them through a wide spectrum of devices and channels. To leverage content across multiple channels and personalize it for targeted delivery, these companies require sophisticated tools that will allow efficient management of content and audience relationships. To eliminate patchworks of diverse divisions and disparate systems, large multinational media organizations can align and integrate assets, technologies, and business processes to reduce costs. Using more cost-effective digital marketing tools will help these companies to achieve better ROI on marketing efforts.
Sylph can help you:
Sell digital content directly to consumers online
Syndicate digital content and distribute it abroad
Enhance partner network collaboration to improve return on marketing efforts
Reduce the costs of publishing content to the web
Better manage content programming
Easily publish advertising information to cable distributors' sites
Automate marketing efforts to increase the return on investment
Reduce call center volume through online self-service
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