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Education and Training
The new economy puts a premium on intellectual capital. However, the life of knowledge and human skills today is shorter than ever, increasing the pressure to remain at the forefront of education and training throughout a career. The way education is viewed and delivered is completely changed from the last decade. Corporations view learning and training as a competitive weapon.. Business success depends more and more on high-quality employee performance, which in turn requires high-quality training.
Sylph solutions can help you solve complex challenges to workers, requiring higher levels of education, computer literacy, critical thinking, information analysis, and synthesizing skills. Sylph assists to fill the gaps between the higher demands of a knowledge economy and the educational status of the workforce & remain competitive internationally.
Sylph design course templates and work with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create your own professional quality training programs. Your SMEs can focus on needs assessment and content development, while Sylph is involved with course\media development, implementation and distribution. We custom design CD-ROM delivered training that can be used as a stand-alone training course or one that can be a supplement to an Instructor-Led course.
Sylph's modular development model ensures that courses are developed quickly and economically. Our team designs special templates based on the type and quantity of information contained in your training materials, as well as the proposed delivery method(s). We then blend your information to create modules, which are combined into courses.
A course can contain as many modules as necessary, and you can add or modify courses at any time. This method of approaching course development allows for greater flexibility, shorter development times and lower cost.
Delivery Options
Computer and web based training courses can be designed in almost any configuration, resulting in delivery models that precisely meet your needs
Stand-alone CD-ROM - no reporting
CD-ROM with simple reports, which are e-mailed automatically
Hybrids that integrate video on CD-ROM with access to selected Internet/Intranet sites for dynamic content
Networked solutions providing access to all employees within the network and reporting to a central database
Internet courses providing access to employees worldwide with simple e-mail reports
Internet courses providing access to employees worldwide with interactive chat, video, and full course management and remote administrative features
Sylph solutions can help you:
Address a larger audience
Deliver training to geographically dispersed workforce
Targeting "learning adults", who seek education to advance their careers
Creates the desired academic environment for training
Address key technology drivers or new business initiatives
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